The wheel turns once more

garden jan15The breath of fresh air that this morning was for me, was a simple reminder of how that feels. The eyelid moistening relief. The tickle of an unbidden smile. Hope for the future. The allowance for room in each day to pause, to enjoy a moment as the present (both in time, and gift) that it is.

Having a period of time with a little of life’s challenges getting in the way of the smiles (loss, grief, fear/worry), we can forget these things, so easily. It’s called being human.

Stepping out into my garden and breathing deeply, smiling, enjoying… I was suddenly reminded that ‘this’ is precisely what I truly aim for with my clients who may be struggling. This moment of renewal. This love of life. This appreciation for all things. This ‘not’ looking at the garden through windows and seeing rain, stark, cold, empty, worry or fear, but actually stepping out into it, stretching and breathing deep again!

With that inhale came scents of fresh grass after the rain, the beauty of birdsong, even the background noises of other people going about their daily lives. With that exhale came a smile on my face that actually felt briefly strange after a time of, well, less smiles than usual shall we say. With that deep breath came laughter, the amusement at self, that yes I’m still capable of being human too, of allowing myself to wrest and struggle with these things based in regret for the past and fear of the future, instead of living and loving freely in the present.

With that exhale came a reminder of a love of life, and all it’s beauty and blessings that these concerns forget.

So, if you find yourself seeing only bleak, forgetting how to smile without it feeling an awful effort, lonely, dark, withdrawn… give me a call.

I can empathise, because I’m human too.

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