New year new start?

The seasonal joy we see prolifically on social media around this time of year is wonderful. For those who are sharing it.

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That is unless of course you’re really not feeling the ‘Christmas cheer’.

This can be for many reasons. Perhaps you are alone for Christmas or New Year (as always, again, or for the first time). Some things that are arguably harder to bear at this time are loss, bereavement, relationship collapse, financial stress or perhaps a traumatic event. To be alone for Christmas is difficult, compounding a sadness that we may not struggle to endure quite so much, at other times. To lose someone and to grieve at any time is hard, but at this time can feel inexplicably significant. Worries and stress around work and money can sometimes be exaggerated by the pressures of those shiny boxes beneath the tree, not to mention the anxieties invited by stressed shoppers or overwhelming family gatherings.

Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to manage yourself and your emotions – let alone life – around this holiday period, particularly whilst it seems everywhere we look we see so much celebration, family displays of affection, friends warmth and so forth.

Those suffering often feel they are suffering silently and alone. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Perhaps this is a time where you simply need a metaphorical ‘hand to hold’ you, someone to turn to, talk to, someone to listen to you. Perhaps this is the time for action, for change, to make a difference and to not feel the same when this season rolls around again next time.

Whatever your struggle, whatever your difficulties, I can help. Pick up the phone, or drop me an email. Let’s talk. or 07973 788376


DK x

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