Spring has definitely sprung

I’m somehow more keenly aware of how blessed I am in this life lately. Revelling in unexpected sunshine and warmth, enjoying the scents and colours of new flowers and budding green shoots everywhere, and feeling my┬ásmile widen with the promise of Summertime teas in the garden and beach or woodland walks with loved ones.


However, it wasn’t always like this for me. In the past I’ve had periods of troubled times and life has been less than kind from time to time. Just like you, I’ve weathered storms of mental and emotional anguish, troubles both physical and emotional… and fortunately found my way out of those times, with the love and support I’ve been blessed with but also, with outside help from a therapist.

Not everyone has the support of loved ones. Sometimes even with the loving nurture of those around us, troubled times can feel simply too much to bear, or to handle.

Are you there right now? Wondering when it will be your chance to turn your face to the sun and really feel ‘ok’ or better still, ‘happy’? Come work with me, let us work together to help you get from where you are right now, to where you want to be.

Pick up the phone (07973788376), or drop me an email (dkgreen1967@gmail.com).

Let’s talk.

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