New Clients

There is something magical and sincerely worthy of note, about taking on a new client, for me. So I’m noting it, here. With a sense of feeling honoured and privileged by individuals.

Don’t be afraid, don’t let your fears, anxiety or simple nervousness stop you from reaching out and making that call or sending that message.

Because what happens ‘my end’ when that call or message occurs? Is a beautiful thing.

I never cease to be amazed by people, by their bravery. Awed by the courage it takes to commit (or even to tentatively dip their toe in) to working on themselves. Stunned by the capacity human beings have to recognise that they need help, maybe in just working some things through, or maybe there are deep issues or memories that need to be addressed in order to break through and move on. Bewildered by observing how courageously these mental and emotional mind warriors take hold of themselves, even as they may be (as we all are, perfectly humanly) quaking in their metaphorical boots… and deliver themselves willingly into the hands of someone who just might, hold their hands as they walk through and out from their own minefields.

It honours me. It humbles me. It overwhelms me with gratitude that in this life and on this earth, this is my calling, in whatever form that may and does take.

So please don’t be scared to make that call, or send that message. Each and every time it happens? I salute you.

~doffs cap~


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