Recent Testimonial – February 2014

9th February 2014

“DK Green a scholar and a gentleman! A most wonderful and helpful counsellor, who has helped me get through some tough times of late. A good listener, who pays close attention to what I am saying and is very tactful and sympathetic when I am struggling to explain myself.

DK has helped me to better understand what my personal problems are, their possible source and assisted me in finding my own solutions to them.

One of DK’s major strengths is empathy. He is able to understand and respect my personal beliefs, my lifestyle choices (some of which could be described as being alternative) and my problems without coming across as judgemental or critical. DK has this manner which puts you as ease and allows you to open up and trust him with your inner most thoughts.

I must stress that have seen many counsellors over the years and without doubt, DK is one of the best!”


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