Recent Testimonial – October 2013

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Counselling Testimonial – October 2013

“I came to you with over 20 years of deep rooted, secret fears, compulsions and addictions; they were damaging my relationships, my health, my finances, my future and in turn, the lives of those closest to me.

Being an intelligent and successful person, it completely baffled me how I could not help myself – repeatedly sabotaging my efforts, what was wrong with me? I tried hypnotherapy, hypno-analysis, alternative healing and of course sheer will power and yet could not see in to the darkness to uncover what was deeply and repeatedly troubling my core and driving me to sabotage – I felt hopeless, as a business owner, spiritualist, wife and friend, I knew I needed expert help…

When we met, I knew you were the best qualified Therapist to work with me. Things had to change and I decided by booking (and paying for) a course of 6 sessions, I would ‘have to’ attend and complete the journey of transformation.

Naturally I was nervous and apprehensive of bearing my best kept secrets to another person. You asked me to trust your approach and techniques to skilfully guide me in the safest way through tricky life experiences, childhood memories, emotional awakenings, deep soul searching and current realisations. I trusted you as I knew how many others you’d helped over the years.

Despite there being 100 miles between us, your flexibility, open minded approach and extensive knowledge in so many life areas made it a ‘true awakening’ on every level. Little did I know how desperately unaware I was of the underlying repressions, insecurities, emotions and experiences that had shaped me in to a troubled being.

Six intense counselling sessions later, it is safe to say that we succeeded beyond belief to release my mind, body and soul where so many failed for so long. I am finally free to express myself and move forward with my life in truth, honesty and strength. The relief, even months later, is still an emotion that will stay with me and remind me of how far I have come… I am truly and eternally grateful.

I remember how desperately unhappy I felt back then and how delightedly different I feel now and encourage anyone who has any issue, problem, habit or bad pattern causing them to feel troubled – get in touch with DK Green today. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a professional, discreet, compassionate Counselling expert who will get you where you want to be and fast… Change is absolutely possible, you have to take the first step and believe.”

Mrs V Allum, Northants UK

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