John Lewis advert ~ loneliness

Who do you know who may be alone for Christmas?

John Lewis have done it again with a very well done, sentimental tear jerker with a sweet message. Hopefully it’ll prod lots of us to be sure to include our elderly relatives and friends in our ‘fun’. However, there is a bigger message here.

If every single one of us chose to reach out to just one person, there’d be a lot fewer people feeling so alone. No need to stop at just older people either; though loneliness can often be seen as endemic in being elderly, though they don’t have the monopoly on lonely. Also, why only think of it at holiday times? Christmas (and such like) may well exacerbate that lonely feeling, when it seems the whole world is celebrating surrounded by their loved ones.

How about you make it your mission to be a friend to just one lonely person. Any time. We can *all* do that.

However, if YOU are feeling alone this year, I’d like to extend the invitation to you for YOU to reach out. Let someone know. Tell somebody you feel lonely and would like to join in the fun.

…and if you truly feel you cannot for whatever reason?

Call me. Work with me. Let’s get you alive instead of alone. Smiling instead of sad. With people or someone, not drowning in your own company.


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