Please help fund this initiative.


Directly due to the wonderful individuals who have made contributions into the pay-it-forward fund, I have, this past month, been able to take on two more bursary clients from less privileged, oppressed minorities whether that be by virtue of race, differing abilities, sexualities, genders and mental health.

This is SUCH important work. Taking therapy out of the glass ceiling world of middle class, white, hetero-normativity and into the realms of those who really need the work that we do but genuinely cannot afford it.

I do not work exclusively with minorities, I am open to and do work with *everyone*, but I feel strongly not to exclude those who otherwise might find themselves unable to access real help, proper therapy and support when it’s most needed. That is why I set up this fund.

The fund is not bottomless, it is donated in pounds and pennies from people who truly want to help others receive this important assistance, into a separate account specifically called ‘pay-it-forward’. Often just being able to offer someone a half price bursary is sufficient to enable access. I personally MATCH the contribution from the fund myself if the client is unable to even manage that.

Please feel free to use the direct paypal me link (or paypal to and put reference payitforward and I will transfer it to the fund directly. OR ask me (private message or email) for the specific bank account details to make an online payment, or better still set up a small standing order!

Every single penny of your donations to this fund is spent on clients’ sessions; any administrative costs come out of my own pocket.

With heartfelt thanks from those clients already benefiting and those yet to come.

DK x


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