~ DK Day ~

DK Day

Wednesday is always “DK day”, it says so in my calendar as a repeat and highlighted appointment. This particular appointment is solely for myself, a practice I have been enjoying for this past year, having realised that I felt I had very little time and energy left for me.

Therapists often suffer from ‘burn out’ due to working together with clients – often through very difficult challenges – can necessitate a certain level of resilience. I have discovered that by keeping one day ‘appointment free’, mid week, I avoid that! That is all about ‘self care’, in other words I practice what I preach.

Are you able to and do you succeed in good self care? Do you know how best to take care of *yourself* within the bustle and demands of our current everyday life? If you feel you’d like to work with me on this or anything else, do give me a no obligation call on 07973 788376I currently have two client spaces available due to two clients happily completing their work with me. I look forward to working with you.

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