Sometimes with clients it is appropriate to set solid goals right at the start. They may know precisely what they’re looking for or to achieve and simply require assistance to ‘get there’. For example the client who wishes to be able to leave their own home with confidence, or to speak in front of others, or to leave behind harmful and unhealthy behaviours.

For other clients it’s more about dipping their toes in. Knowing they need ‘help’ but uncertain about the how or why. Finding out what works for them and of course, what doesn’t.

For these people it’s immensely important to review and reassess from time to time. To see where we’ve been, where we’re heading and how far down the path to where they wish to be we feel they are.

I find the very process of reviewing and reassessing is often as helpful in itself for the client as a session.┬áSometimes, it’s good to see just how far we’ve progressed, even when we’re feeling perhaps that we haven’t come as far as we might.

Last night was just such a case in point. I felt privileged to watch the client – with little assistance on my part – reassess and redirect where they wanted their therapy to ‘go next’ after successfully reviewing our work thus far together.

This sense of achievement and self-direction is important on so many levels, not the least of which is because it is all about making ones own decisions in life and rediscovering ones own ability to choose; empowerment and choice. So much in those two words.

Empowerment… Choice.

Respect… Self-Respect.

Some of my favourite words. What are yours?

~doffs cap~ …DK.

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